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Lol, the last entry into this journal 7 years ago. I’m not necessarily interested in firing this one up again, but in case not posting might be an issue, I don’t want the blog to be deleted, either. In fact, I have many such blogs that an update is needed.

I don’t write anything of particular interest to anyone but for myself.  That is evidenced by the lack of any kind of commenting in my main blog, but, it helps me so I continue to write it.  More like a personal diary.

Anyway, there is a lot I could say, but I have really got that covered in my main blog.

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Interesting Situation

A person has come to my Blogger site coming from

Why is this interesting?

The content in the field of the search is as follows:


So what’s the deal with that?  The search is from a person in Tempe, Arizona, which is where the ex lives.  She knew of my JS blog, she did not know of any others. 

IS it my ex?  No idea, but – I have that feeling.  And after being together with someone for 16 years, those feelings are pretty much dead-on.  I do not want her reading my blogs.  She has, in the past, stated she would no longer read it. 

But, curiosity kills the cat.  I rarely write about her because of the fact that she may find the blog and – potential next war.  I would rather live in peace.  So, what’s the answer?  No answer.  I will simply continue watching for “tempe” on feedjit.  If it continues to occur, then I will ask her.  I used to know a lot of people in Tempe, that isn’t much true anymore. 

I guess I find it somewhat disturbing because if it is someone I know – or her – then I would expect that person to say something, somewhere, on a comment on my blog. 

Nothing else here.


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I am visiting KCL less and less.  I have not been to that site in several days – well more like 4 or 5 days.  I am finding that I don’t miss it regardless if there are people there that I do like.

The smut and vileness that goes on there is more than I am willing to deal with.  At least at this point in time.  As I stated before, I will not say I am never going back, only that for now, I have no desire whatsoever to engage in the filth and degradation that flows rampant on that site.  NOT everyone, of course, but enough.  MORE than enough.  

I imagine my last posting there is probably rather annoying to the particular person that it was referring to, but never actually named.  I can’t help that.  I won’t be removing that posting, either.  No, that posting and entire blog will have to be removed for me, of which I do not give permission to anyone to do that.   

Just a note on my thoughts concerning such.  I don’t get as much comments as I used to on my blogger site, but, I am willing to live with that.


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Trailer Tenants

For those that don’t know, I have a couple living in a trailer I bought for their use (no, I didn’t give it to them) several months ago now.  They were basially homeless and I wanted to try and help them out.

I haven’t really said too much about them, I have waited to see where, if anywhere this was all going to lead. 

They mostly keep to themselves.  The woman never comes out of there except to go to the bathroom and on 2 days a week, she goes and gives plasma for money.  She is VERY heavy, I’m guessing around 400 pounds.  I imagine that is an easy weight to get to when you are sitting around all day long doing nothing and watching TV.

This was NOT part of the deal.  The deal was that at least one of them would occupy themselves with the task of attempting to find a job somewhere, get themselves a little solvent financially and perhaps be able to rent out their own place.

NOTHING of the sort has yet occured.  The man goes around here and there looking for odd jobs at people’s homes, he does not go to businesses and fill out applications.  I’m not saying he’s a lazy ass, he works around here and does all kinds of stuff outside.  That’s great, it really is, but still, it wasn’t the main jixt of letting them have a temporary place to stay.  I can cover the outside without anyone’s help, really.

Also, before they moved over here, the man stated that his girl would come in here, my house, and do cleaning chores.  She has yet to even clean up the bathroom they are using, much less do anything else. 

More – troubling to me – I have yet to hear a “thank you” – not one single time – since I gave them a break and let them in here.  Yes, I am charging them $25 per week for the use of  utilities, but that’s it.  I NEVER said living here would be a total free ride.  I wouldn’t do that – ever – it doesn’t set well with me and I would be very irritated if they came here and did nothing at all.  The point with the woman, though, is that she IS doing nothing at all.

To exaerbate the problem, she does not speak to me.  She just came walking through here, I said good morning, she grumbled it back to me, kept on walking and gave me a look while she was passing by.  Understand that I have done NOTHING to these people.  The only time I got upset was when she left the gate open the DAY they moved in here, my dogs got out and I had to enlisst Michael to go hunt them down – I wasn’t at home at the time.  Instead of apologizing, this woman said: “Well I only left it open a LITTTTTTLE bit”. 

Then, the guy left the gate open a few weeks ago, the dogs got out again. 

I am considering whether to continue to have them here.  I am definitely going to confront the guy today and find out what the woman’s problem is.  If, for some reason, she doesn’t like it here, I don’t NEED a notice, they can LEAVE.  She is CLEARLY unhappy about something, but what, I don’t know.  I do know there is much more work to be done in that trailer – I also know I have other things to do around here than spending all of my free time working on that thing.  It will be no loss at all to me if they leave.  I was doing them a favor, and right now, from where I stand, they don’t seem to appreciate it very much. 

Whatever.  Just getting that off of my chest.  It isn’t THAT big of a deal, but I do find it unsettling to have people living here where one portion of the party basically doesn’t want to speak to me.  Considering it’s my trailer and my property, doesn’t that seem odd to you?

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First off, we ate very nicely today.  Nothing fancy – some beef tacos with the meat; tomatoes; onions; cheese (not too much for me, thank you); salsa; and no-fat sour cream on super-sized taco shells.  I am full and have been for several hours.  There are millions upon untold millions of people in this world, right now, that would do anything for the meal we ate just a while ago.

I give thanks unto the Lord for His provision.  I wish there were no famine or drought on this earth.  I wish there were not people dying of starvation.  I think of such things and it makes me thankful that I have what I do.  It makes me think that, perhaps, having all of these people living here with me – totally unrelated and veritable strangers – really isn’t that bad after-all. I do not sit around and have pity-parties anyway for the most part – it just helps to keep a good attitude when you consider what is going on with so many people in so many nations around the world – RIGHT NOW. 

I know, an odd way to start an entry about vacations, but those thoughts struck me as I was sitting here, contemplating a nice, full belly.  It was my second – and final – meal of the day. 

I don’t really want to take any vacation time right now.  I want to save it for the heat of summer that is coming.  But – I already have a lot of hours saved up – 67 right now and at the beginning of next month it will go up to 75.  I will HAVE to take vacation hours by the end of next month or I will stop accruing vacation hours because it will go to 80 and that is the max we get. 

It simply means you are forfeiting vacation hours because – why?  No good reason, really.  I was a bit fearful of doing such when our company was in the heat of laying off people, closing stores, getting rid of equipment and reducing benefits, but not so much now.  Not that I think I have job security – no-one does in reality – but I am not letting that stop me from getting what the company gives out.  If they are giving it, then they must feel we should have it.  If not, they would have removed it already. 

So, I am thinking of taking a couple of days off this month – next to a weekend to have a full 4 days in a row off.  I was going to wait until Memorial day when we already get a 3-day weekend and make it a 5-day weekend, but it will be too late by then.  I may still take a day or more off then as well, but right now?  Going to take what’s mine to take. 

So, I think tomorrow, I will put in for 2 days off on some coming weekend.  It will be a staycation and it will be totally focused on the ponds if there is still a lot left to go with them.  I don’t doubt that any vacations this year will simply be days off spent at home, there is nothing in the budget for vacations to anywhere.  Even camping is out of the question since I lost all of that stuff during the house fire a couple of years ago.  I lost a LOT of camping equipment – 4 tents and all the stuff you need to be able to – live outdoors actually. 

There are so many things I would like to do.  Money is always the tripper-upper.  I’m not whining, life is good.  Certain aspects of life I don’t like, that’s for sure, but mostly, it’s all good.  You know the reason I am putting so much work into my property?  Cause’ I know I am stuck here for a while – probably quite a while.  If that’s the case, then I will make the oasis I seek elsewhere to exist HERE. 

Good plan, aye?


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Saturday – More

I know I haven’t been posting much on this journal as I thought I would after starting to take a reprieve from KCL (which may become permanent), but I really like my Blogger blog, plus I imported the entire KCL blog to this one.  Postings here will be sporadic at best. 

Anyway, a while ago I received a call from yet another interested party for the room.  This is another female.  I am not in the position right now to simply declare that I want males in here only considering the problems I have had with some of the females in here in the past.  Money talks at this point. 

Her employer is less than 2 miles from myhouse – she apparently needs a place that is within walking distance.  Well, one could also take the bus if so inclined (and I would definitely be so-inclined when the temp is 115 degrees in the shade if I were in such position).  The guy that just moved out at least left the room pretty clean, albeit he didn’t leave any money – he owes me $500.

It is seriously doubtful that I will ever see a penny of that money, the dude left without even a goodbye.  I wasn’t being shitty about it – though I easily could have considering the cirumstances of his departure without any kind of forewarning/notice.  I’m not even thinking about court action – the guy has no money, what am I going to do, take his junky car? 

So, right now, I am waiting for the arrival of this person – if they do, indeed show up – to see about renting the room.  There is a guy that called this morning who is also interested.  First-come, first-served, please have money in-hand, thank you.   There are already well over 50 ads for rooms for rent since the one I posted this morning.  Mine has a different allure to it, though.

Many – well almost all – of these ads give a monthly rate for the rental.  You read the ad and they are tacking on anywhere from $75 to $150 more per month in utility fees.  Mine is a flat price and I think that is why I get people in here relatively quickly.  It is equivalent or a little less than what others are asking – but I don’t make people pay a percentage of utilities.  I would like to do that in order to get people to think about their electic use, but I can’t really afford to lose potential renters right now.  There are not a lot of replies – in fact only 2 so far – so it kinda makes me feel like I am going in the right direction with my pricing. 

Changing the subject, I was just out there looking at where I want to put the ponds.  I must say that I have just provided myself a LOT of work.  Landscaping rock will have to be moved from where ithe ponds will be at – I don’t want to waste it.  I will have to shovel the dirt directly into a wheelbarrow and take it to where I am going to dump it. 

Well, where I’m going to dump it also has landscaping rock, so that is going to have to be moved as well.  In other words, there is going to be a lot of shoveling going on here.  At least these ponds are relatively small – 2 feet deep at most, whereas another pond I was looking at is almost 4 feet deep – that would have been QUITE the digging project. 

To further exacerbate the problem, it is going to get warm today – somewhere in the 90’s.  A sweat fest on top of everything else, I’m not even sure I’m going to start this project today or not.  I probably will, I am just trying to talk myself out of it as I have a lot of other things I could be doing as well. 

Well, for now, I am going to wait another 20 or so minutes for this person to come. If they don’t, I am going to assume another Craigslist no-show and go about the business at hand – at home.



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Taken aback, completely.  Every entry that I have made on KCL including comments are HERE!  Absolutely amazing.  Unbelievable!!  Cool!

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I am not exactly sure WHAT it is that I am doing, but there is an import feature on this blogging site that will take an XML file that is downloaded to your computer and somehow upload all of that to this site.

So, I did the option on the KCL site to export the entire blog to an XML file and now WordPress is “processing” the file and will “let me know when it is processed within 24 hours”. 

I have absolutely NO idea whether the owner’s of that site would actually remove my entire blog and send it hurtling into cyberspace, but I am a long-time friend with Human Nature – we are all susceptible to Mr. Nature’s ability to make us want to do things that we probably shouldn’t.  I am not even saying that they WOULD do such a thing, but I feel prudence dictates that I do such to ensure that I have a backup somewhere.  I did find it odd that my counter has apparently been removed from my KCL site – I know I had nothing to do with that?

I just spent about half an hour looking for another old journal of mine that I haven’t used in so long, I couldn’t even remember what blogging site it was on.  It was amazing at how many benb’s are out there!  I found it – it’s at Live Journal, I think that’s that Russian owned site that was purportedly not doing so well and was on the verge of going down.  I heard that last year, but my blog is still up there.  Only like 138 entries on that one.  I remember writing occasionally on that blog when JS was still up and running, I may spend some time going over it to see what content is in there. 

As for today?  Well, I am writing about that on the Blogger blog, no need to go into it here.



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Back To Using This Journal – At Least For Now

I received yet another, anger-filled message from the KCL individual and I will say that I won’t be posting there for awhile.  That individual knows my Blogger account – apparently several of “them” do, but I don’t think they know about this one.  Feedjit is very helpful in determing such things.  Anyway, the statement was that I had posted a shitty message about that person and now that person basically hopes I do leave. 

Whatever.  If I had wanted to write a shitty message, I could easily revert back to my teen years where my mouth was akin to a flame-thrower with the intensity of hate and anger filled “messages” I had for most anyone.  NO-ONE would read anything I had to say on any of my blogs if I were talking like THAT.  I also learned from 16 years of marriage how to push buttons. 

I have to say, honestly, that leaving any blogging host really doesn’t do much to me at this point.  I mean, if I don’t blog at one place and someone wants to stay in touch, it isn’t all that difficult to simply go to that person’s site – wherever that may be – and visit them there.  There are plenty of “ex” KCL-ers at this point all over the place. 

We’ll see where this goes as I did respond, but not in kind, to the message and actually would rather hope for reconciliation than just the status-quo in such situations where people never talk to each other again. I don’t want to have to keep discussing this issue, but it isn’t going away yet. 

I’m off work – and totally forgot to try downloading my KCL entries.  Perhaps I can find a “freebie” software for temp use and do it that way.  Whether I go back or not, I really want to get that stuff saved as I have this fear – whether quantifiable or not – that they are going to delete my journal and it will be forever lost.  It was a pretty good blow to lose year’s worth of entries on JS, I would like to not have to go through that again. 

There are other things going on in my life besides this stuff – the trailer tenants put the Mastercool up on the roof today.  How they got it up there, I have no clue but for entertainment purposes I intend on reviewing video surveillance to see exactly how that guy and that girl lifted it up there.  I seriously doubt the dude did it by himself.

Weekend plans are nothing great – just hanging out here at the house and attempting to get projects done. 


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Goodbye KCL

Because of a dispute with one of the owners of KCL, I have no choice but to leave and simply continue to blog on my Blogger account.  I freely admit here that I procrastinated in doing something that I said I would do.  I later apologized but – it fell on deaf ears and was returned with a message from a rather angry person.  I’m sorry, I’m just a human, I make mistakes and I have no regrets in life – we all do things that are not too appealing at times to others.  I will only say I’m sorry once, well sometimes twice – then that’s it.  If it isn’t received by the person I am apologizing to, then so beit.  I was informed that the owners don’t give a damn whether people threaten to leave or not.

It was not, however,  a threat from me.  Because of the vitriolic nature of the message I received, I could not, in good faith, continue blogging here knowing that the owners were in such a mind frame.  I shouldn’t say owners in the plural, just one person.  I have no desire to start internet wars with anyone.  It never leads to any good ending.  I thought I had at least a decent relationship in this scenario, it was surprising to receive such a message. 

I have had thoughts of simply deleting this blog, but I think I will leave it up.  Or, they may take it down, who knows.  I won’t be posting here, at least not for now.  I make no statements in certainty whether I will be back or not.  Who knows?  Apparently, who cares?  Maybe I’ll decide to continue to blog in spite? If the owners don’t give a damn, why should I?  That’s their words, not mine. 

Basically, when you have a place such as this with the owners keeping their own blogs and writing on comments on numerous journals and then one of them comes along and says they don’t give a damn, well, I could conjecture but, the final conclusion is: they don’t give a damn about who they don’t want to give a damn about.  It’s just a blog.  I like some of the people on here.  I don’t even dislike them, actually, but the words were rather hurtful in nature. 

So, I am just going to leave it up in the air.  If I come back, I do, if I am banned, I’m banned, if I don’t, I don’t.


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